The Buffs

buffs001In so far as surviving records can prove, the earliest known traceable date of a Lodge of The Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes (R.A.O.B.) is 1822 at the Harp Tavern, Great Russell Street near Drury Lane Theatre and was created by stage hands and theatre technicians who had been denied a long held privilege extended to them by the actors and artists of the day. The R.A.O.B. is a Philanthropic and Charitable body; Lodges and Provinces are at liberty to undertake whatever activity they consider appropriate for the needs of the community in which they work and live. Our basic desire is to defend the weak, to help the unfortunate and render assistance to those in difficulty or need. These honourable principles have existed in man since the earliest ages and in this respect our Order may be regarded as “ancient – or Antediluvian.” Meetings of two R.A.O.B. Lodges (also known as “The Buffs”) are held at the club. Many of them are also Members of our Club.

Every Wednesday at 8:00pm – Carpet & Commerce Lodge (7419)

Every Thursday at 8:00pm – Hand of Friendship Lodge (10657)

Prospective new R.A.O.B. members are invited to visit.